Monday, 5 March 2012

Laser Hair Removal, Child Birth and Contraceptives

Laser Hair Removal and Contraceptives

Fertility treatments combined with laser hair removal - Currently, all or nearly all women using certain treatments, state that laser hair removal is completely incompatible with the fertility treatments.

Controlled laser hair removal

Before home laser hair removal treatment, you should consult with specialists so that you and ask if fertility treatment is compatible with laser hair removal to avoid potential risks.

The intake of contraceptives like the pill requires medical supervision if they are to perform laser hair removal, but should also say that laser hair removal is not contraindicated for people taking contraceptives. This class of drugs has the characteristic of which are photosensitive, so when combined with laser depilation, apparatus can be promoted by the appearance of spots on the skin of the patient. Although they don't always appear as spots on the skin, the risk of them appearing is much greater than for any other person not that ingesting any contraceptive method. Therefore, it is necessary to counteract the occurrence of this possible problem with the help of a doctor.

Fertility treatment and pregnancy

If a woman is conducting fertility treatment consisting of injections of hormone-like drugs, laser hair removal is supported 100%. However when we talk about a woman who is pregnant it is another matter and laser hair removal treatment should be discontinued immediately.
Women who are pregnant can not be get laser hair removal, as these women should refrain from any treatment which is unnecessary for your health or your baby. In these cases the laser is a threat or assault to the body of the woman which is not necessary.

Once a woman has had her baby and finished breast-feeding, you can take laser hair removal treatment without any inconvenience to your health or your the health of your child.


Laser hair removal can be performed in women who ingest contraceptive, but always consult a specialist prior to the birth control you are using or any other treatment that followed, to avoid problems such as general complications with the hair or skin pigment issues. If you want the best laser hair removal system look at our at home laser hair removal reviews.